angry birds fight mod apk 2.1.0

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angry birds fight mod apk 2.1.0

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Get ready to duel in Angry Birds Fight! - A frantic battle for match-3 which will challenge other players in real time in a race of strategy and agility feathery! Join your favorite flock and solve a lot of fascinating puzzles!
Play against friends (and enemies) in real-time game. Race against the clock to match as many panels as possible to improve your character in view of the fight! GRRRR!

Equip your characters with zany weapons and armor to increase questionable health, attack power and any special skills that will give you great benefits. Do not run away, fight!

Explore unknown islands wedges of challengers, and massacrali in frantic match-3 games! If you win you will unlock new characters, weapons and other items. But watch the pigs monsters ...

Challenge other players around the world in real time in enigmatic match-3
BOOST birds to fight better matching and faster opponent
GROUP 4 panels to activate special powers, RAGGRUPPANE 5 to use the superpower!
VINCI fighting to gain experience, get items and customize the flock and the ship
EQUIPPED with various items to increase health, attack and special abilities
EARN bird coin in the fighting to buy new weapons and accessories in the store
Play the slot machine to unlock new items: forward, try your luck!

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angry birds fight mod apk 2.1.0

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