Bike Rivals v1.5.1 Mod APK (Unlocked)

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Bike Rivals v1.5.1 Mod APK (Unlocked)

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Turn the key, kick the starter, pull the throttle and push the envelope on the bike ride of your life.

Bike Rivals is a new and exciting physics based motocross game from Miniclip.


Be the most intense, competitive and quickest rider in order to get the 3 stars on all the levels, while enjoying the amazing bike physics and fast-paced gameplay. But this isn’t just about finishing each’s about getting the fastest time! Try your best to beat the clock and see how you compare against your friends.


With simple controls, tap on the edges of the screen to accelerate and brake, while tilting the device to lean backwards or forward, giving you an edge in key sections of the levels. Take on the death defying worlds of Trial Zone and Apocalypse, with their numerous dynamic elements that make this game very challenging.


Perform tricks like wheelies, backflips and frontflips to get some nitro boosts, or pick them up throughout the levels. Use them wisely, and you’ll get even better race times!


- Amazing realistic physics
- Tilt and touch controls
- Many defying levels and more coming soon
- Many bikes with different physics for a great gameplay experience
- Awesome and quirky characters
- In-game achievements


Bike Rivals v1.5.1 Mod APK By ilmondodeiragazzi


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Bike Rivals v1.5.1 Mod APK


Bike Rivals v1.5.1 Mod APK


Bike Rivals v1.5.1 Mod APK

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Bike Rivals v1.5.1 Mod APK (Unlocked)

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