Cleaner - Speed Booster Pro v1.1.9 APK

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Cleaner - Speed Booster Pro v1.1.9 APK

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Cleaner - Speed Booster Pro v1.1.9 APK


Cleaner - Master Speed ​​Booster Pro! - Is proud to be an Android Optimizer "EXTREMELY EASY" to use. Master Your ability to save battery life of your phone and enhance it easily!


This application allows users to clean the memory, junk files in the cache, enhancing games, clean up the history of research, the history of calls and text messages, and easily manage the pre-installed applications and installed! If used properly, this app can make your phone go much faster and save the battery with the keys to a single touch. This application is extremely easy to use.

Toolbox 7 in 1 app! - Cleaner Memory, Cache Cleaner, Enhancer of games, Cleaner cache history, Cleaner history of calls and SMS, Uninstaller of Enhancements of games and widgets. Has 7 features but is still very easy to use! Download this app / widget, become a master of Android Optimizer!

★ --- 1. Cleaner memory (ie terminator activities) --- ★
✓ Cleans the memory, End Task in an extremely simple with the button on a touch "" Optimize "" to save energy!
✓ Indicates the memory clean before / after. Make sure that your phone will not exhaust!
★ --- 2. Enhancer games --- ★
✓ With the allocation of memory space adequate to your game before launch, iltuo phone will be optimized for any game you want!
✓ On average, you have a 20% speed increase in your game!
★ --- 3.Pulizia cache (ie Cleaner garbage) --- ★
✓ Clean the filedella cache for better performance and disk space on your phone!
✓ Easy to clean with the button on a touch "" Optimize "".
★ --- 4. Cleaner search history --- ★
✓ Delete search history Google Play store and browser
✓ File manager downloaded included to delete all files.
★ --- 5. Cleaner history of SMS and calls --- ★
✓ Delete history of all calls and SMS desired one by one
✓ Touching "" Select All "," you can clear the history of all the calls and SMS with a twist.
★ --- 6. Widgets strengthening of games --- ★
✓ Access to the enhancement function of the games from the Home screen Widgets
★ ★ --- --- 7. Application Uninstaller
✓ Managing applications included in the price - The management of pre-installed apps included.
✓ Batch Disable and uninstall enabled.

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Cleaner - Speed Booster Pro v1.1.9 APK

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