Dashdow SMS Plus v1.4 APK

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Dashdow SMS Plus v1.4 APK

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Dashdow SMS extends your standard SMS application with a new notification system.
Incoming SMS will be displayed in a bubble. The message content will be shown in a popup which also has a quick reply function.


  • SMS notification in bubble
  • Click on bubble opens popup
  • Popup shows messages and offers quick reply function
  • Lockscreen visibility supported

Plus functions:

  • Editable bubble and popup size
  • Badge with message count removeable
  • Bubble border editable
  • Customize color and font size

What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 22, 2015)

  • great new engine (smooth animations, memory saved livecycle, magnetic trash...)
  • new input type (capitalized, autocorrect)
  • badge count improved
  • delivery report for reply
  • time format in system setting

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Dashdow SMS Plus v1.4 APK

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