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DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation, one of the most acclaimed titles in the bestselling series, finally arrives on mobile devices! Play to the three chapters of the saga Erdrick anytime! Discover all the amazing weapons, spectacular magic spells and the formidable enemies of this fantastic world in a single package. Download it once and enjoy immediately all content! DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation has a story of its own and can also be played by those unfamiliar with DRAGON QUEST DRAGON QUEST I or II. ※ The game is available in English only. ******************** ◆ Prologue On her sixteenth birthday, the King himself entrusts her son to Ortega, the legendary hero of Aliahan, an almost impossible mission: kill Baramos, the Dark Lord! Amazing adventures await him, but our hero will succeed where even his father has failed? ◆ Features · Customizable Team Embark on an amazing adventure with a team fully customizable! Form the team of your dreams by choosing the name, gender, and class of all the characters visiting Patty's Party Planning Place! · Vocations editable You can be assigned to team members up to 9 vocations. They will determine the parameters, equipment, spells and character abilities. The hero's class is willed by fate, but those of the other characters are fully editable. Change the character class will take them back to the level 1 and halve their parameters, but does not erase spells and skills learned, allowing you to customize your team according to your style of play! He becomes a priest into a warrior to increase its healing abilities or reassigns classes as you wish: the possibilities are endless! · Have fun with this epic role-playing game for over 30 hours, and discover all the additional features of the new edition! Traveling between continents by strengthening your characters and unlock new spells and abilities. Even their personalities change over the course of the adventure, making your more and only team. Collect medals to be won in the mini-games to unlock new, powerful, items not available in the original version. And once the main story, explores all the extra dungeon. · Commands of simple and accessible game The game controls are designed to fit perfectly with the vertical screen of mobile devices, and the movement key position can be configured to play with one or two hands.

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