Goat Simulator v1.4 APK

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Goat Simulator v1.4 APK

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Goat Simulator v1.4 APK


If Goat Simulator is a product difficult to pin down in terms of gameplay, it is equally difficult to comment on the technical qualities of the conversion of a title deliberately hurt. In terms of consistency with the source material, it can be said that Coffee Stain Studios has hit the target: in this mobile version of the game scenario is identical to the original, including all the characters and objects that inhabit it and especially equipped same ability to be produced in penetrations, bug, wrong application of physical laws and so on.


The goat is mobileCome on PC, the various effects are realized badly and there are drops in frame rate, but it is also evident complexity polygonal generally lower. I am talking about a title faithful to its first incarnation, but that you can not really define pleasant to look at, especially compared to the wonders graphic in which we have used the best titles floating out in recent times.


Much the same for the control system, since managing the movements of the goat on smartphone or tablet is just as uncomfortable as you do with a mouse and keyboard: the developers have opted for the classical solution of the virtual stick and buttons on the screen that allow you to protagonist to jump, gore, drag objects with his powerful language and also to give up his body at the mercy of the system ragdoll.


It works all bad, but in a manner so blatant as to be funny: this is in a nutshell the essence of Goat Simulator, a title that can easily allow you to spend a couple of hours of entertainment strictly not intelligent, but run out (quickly) its function is revealed little more than a joke electronics.

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Goat Simulator v1.4 APK

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