Grudgeball - Regular Show v1.0.3 APK

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Grudgeball - Regular Show v1.0.3 APK

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Grudgeball - Regular Show v1.0.3 APK


Launched headlong into the action with extreme sports More extreme of the future and join Mordecai, Rigby and to Others Protagonists of Regular Show Grudgeball: Mission Caosfera!

Far in the future, the sustained intensity of Grugdeball makes the Sport more widespread and the Dangerous World. Choose Your Team and get in the game by challenging opponents in a clash three-against-three for supremacy. Rock out with Lanci, locks, and counter the moves More surprising to Demonstrate Your superiority!

UN tackles level AFTER the other to save Pops, in a journey to discover the mysteries of Caosfera and mod Arena are velocizzanti Walls, barriers bounce, multicannoni, dimensional portals and other gimmicks in degree Completely Transform Your Game.

EVERY Character And with a super-Mossa customized degree alter the course of the battle, and a special fan of this team as a player and if elected leader. What grabs upgrades add New Skill to the ball, turning it into Fireball, Ball explosive, poisonous Ball and who knows what else. It improves the performance of Your Team with upgrades come thrusters Speed, Armour and recoveries.

YOU CAN face Caosfera solo in single player mode, or challenge a friend in multiplayer That using the same device. After putting together his team will face The Two players in a head-to-head on the same device to elect the Champion Grudgeball!
You're tough enough to deal GRUDGEBALL: MISSION CAOSFERA?

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Grudgeball - Regular Show v1.0.3 APK

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