Guns n Glory WW2 Premium v1.4.7 APK

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Guns n Glory WW2 Premium v1.4.7 APK

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Guns n Glory WW2 Premium v1.4.7 APK


An explosive action game and defense set in the Second World War!
* Play without ads and start with 100 coins Gloria! *
Grab the bazooka and prepare grenades. You are about to enter in the exciting Following the great success of action and strategy Guns n Glory! Order your tanks to attack and put in march your troops to the front of World War II. Axis or Allies? YOU will be to decide!

✔ Exciting action and defense strategy game set in the Second World War
✔ sequel to the popular Guns n Glory Wild West
✔ 2 camps: Allies, Axis
✔ 4 different units to recruit for each deployment
✔ 12 challenging maps with 3 difficulty levels
✔ Skill System RPG style to enhance your units
✔ Powerful items to use to gain a tactical advantage
✔ Earn coins and Gloria Spend it to reinforce the troops and the battlefield
✔ Incredible explosions and effects fantastic
✔ thumping music battle
✔ 20 challenging goals to achieve

* Xperia PLAY optimized *
It's the winter of 1944 on the Western Front. You and your boys are on guard when the enemy decides to attack your position with waves of troops. It's time to prepare the defenses! Recruit and upgrade troops, orders from the tanks and beat the enemy because of your superior tactics and firepower! You can order air strikes to gain an advantage and collect boxes of supplies to raise the morale of the troops! Warms the atmosphere with your flamethrower and do treat soldiers from your doctors! Hand weapons, conquer the glory!

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Guns n Glory WW2 Premium v1.4.7 APK

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