Happy Wheels 1.0 APK

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Happy Wheels 1.0 APK

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The player selects a level and play by choosing a character to choose between an eleven individuals rose, each of Which Governs a small means of transport; Chosen to complete the level normally MUST Control the character by using the keyboard in order to make him reach the fine of a path to obstacles or let him collect a certain number of tokens, WHILE SOME levels provide alternative objectives or do not provide a true end-own. The player CAN Also Create and Play da Sé levels (Levels cre publish them playable by the public).
The game is well known for HIS Violence And Its splatter Character: the character, During The Game, a cause of the stunts or the Obstacles That Meet, often procures Wounds, IS crushed or broken parts of the body, losing Much blood What SI see on the screen, but it CAN still proceed without difficulty until Bon WHEN do not find yourself without the head or completely disintegrated. If the Character IS Completely disintegrated CAN happen What your heart Arrivals to the finish and the CONSIDE valid the game.

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Happy Wheels 1.0 APK

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