Meld (#madewithmeld) v1.13 APK

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Meld (#madewithmeld) v1.13 APK

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Meld (#madewithmeld) v1.13 APK


A simple yet highly creative layering app that allows you to blend multiple images together using a variety of blend modes, masking and simple image adjustments. The possibilities are endless giving you the ability to create highly artistic and captivating images!

Requires Android: 4.0+


➢ A very simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to get things done.
➢ Non-destructive editing and compositing capabilities.
➢ Free-Transform Mode - Position/Rotate/Scale a selected layer at anytime (via double-tap)
➢ Multi-layer Blending (Multiple, Screen, Exclusion etc.)
➢ Built-in Asset Packs (See featured Asset Packs details below).
➢ Mask Brushing (Resizable hard & soft brushes and zoom right in for accurately masking of areas).
➢ Preset Mask Shapes (includes gradients).
➢ Crop using traditional ratios (1:1, 4:3, 6:4, 16:9).
➢ Image adjustment tools (including visibility, contrast, saturation, brightness etc.)
➢ Reorder & remove layers at any time.
➢ Social sharing.


➢ Double/Multiple Exposures
➢ Overlays & Textures
➢ Photo Montages
➢ plus more...


1. Load a base image from your photo gallery or direct from camera.
2. Set the position, scale & rotation of the base image and choose crop ratio.
3. Make adjustments to the base image including the position, scale & rotation.
4. Load another image into new layer.
5. Set the initial position, scale & rotation of this layer.
6. Mask away areas of this layer using brushes (or preset mask shapes).
7. Choose desired blend mode, the transparency and apply any further image adjustments to this layer.
8. Change the layer order or remove a layer at any time.
9. Repeat steps 4-7 adding more layers and flattening the image in order to add even more layers.
10. Save your final image to file and share your image with your friends.
11. Continue editing from this point for a completely different outcome.

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Meld (#madewithmeld) v1.13 APK

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