moto RKD dash v1.5.1 APK

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moto RKD dash v1.5.1 APK

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Blaze across the 9 beautiful locations of Moto RKD Dash universe: from 'Zenith Hill', through 'Ocean Gate' all the way to 'Cañon Del Silencio' and beyond. Turn your gaming into a journey between worlds and emotions with the amazing trance music of world renowned composer Kliment and the cosmic sounds of Approxima Astrolabos. Full HD graphics, 60 FPS, innovative controls, deep sound! Visit the home page to learn more about Moto RKD Dash and get great gifts!


  • simple arcade gameplay
  • extremely fast 3D graphics at 60FPS
  • deep trance sound
  • 9+ levels
  • unlockable bonus game

What's new in this version 

  • A new revision for the beginning of the new year:
  • optimized graphics
  • 60 frames per second arcade performance
  • lower file size
  • updated controls
  • updated homepage (

Required Android O/S : 2.3+

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moto RKD dash v1.5.1 APK

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