RadiON Apk v3.1.7

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RadiON Apk v3.1.7

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★★★★★ Enjoy RadiON's New Features! ★★★★★

√ Scrap Feature : Stop writing down the music information while your favorite music is playing. With RadiON's newest Scrap Feature, you can scrap the music information while song is playing on radio channels. Title/Singer/Radio Channel/Dates are saved as scrap feature.
√ YouTube Search Feature : You can even search YouTube video with scrapped music info.
√ SNS Feature : If you want to share the music that you are listening to, use the SNS feature to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.
√ Purchase Feature : Now you can buy the Amazon music at RadiON with scrapped music info.
√ Genre Hot Stations : Recommend you the hot stations by Genre. (Pop/R&B/HipHop/Blues/Jazz ,etc )
√ Real-time Channel Information : You can see which song is playing on certain channel.

★★★★★ Recommend RadiON to You! ★★★★★

√ No more boring default-alarm sound!
Start your day with your favorite MP3 music or Radio station by RadiON..
√ Alarm sound is not enough! Then shake your phone to wake up!
Use RadiON's 'Shake' feature to turn off the alarm. You won't be sleepy anymore!
√ Enjoy Worldwide Radio channels with RadiON!
Now enjoy 50,000 SHOUTcast radio channels with beautiful classic radio, RadiON.
Hot charts/Classic/Jazz/Pop and even News/Sports/Language features available!
√ Want a good night sleep? Sleep with RadiON!
Try RadiON's Timer feature. Have a good night sleep with your favorite radio station.

★★★★★ Main Features ★★★★★

√ Radio
- 50,000 worldwide radio channels 
- Channels by Countries/ Genre
- Play view (title/singer) available/ Scrap feature

√ Alarm
- Various alarm sounds are available (MP3, radio stations)
- Shake to turn off alarm
- Various alarms supported

√ Timer
- Radio Timer setting available


RadiON Apk By ilmondodeiragazzi


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RadiON Apk v3.1.7


RadiON Apk v3.1.7RadiON Apk v3.1.7


RadiON Apk v3.1.7RadiON Apk v3.1.7

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RadiON Apk v3.1.7

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