Rush of Heroes v1.0.1.1 Mod APK

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Rush of Heroes v1.0.1.1 Mod APK

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Join Rush of Heroes, THE ULTIMATE Action-RPG experience with high-quality 3D visual effects and fully interactive battles. Command a really self-aware team of heroes in their quest to fight monsters and epic bosses for the sake of awesome treasure. Unlock and explore hundreds of new quest lands, form guilds, fight challenging foes, dominate players in PvP arena, and even master your occupation in fishing and mining! The possibilities are endless. Gear up and get ready for battle in RUSH OF HEROES!


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Game features:
• Epic and expansive 3D RPG experience
• Conquer 150+ quest zones and battle areas
• More than 40 fully upgradable heroes
• Over 160 special skills & abilities
• Master your occupations, including fishing and mining
• Over 1,200 items including weapons & armor
• Multiple dungeons with EXP & gold rewards


Rush of Heroes v1.0.1.1 Mod APK By ilmondodeiragazzi


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Rush of Heroes ApkRush of Heroes ApkRush of Heroes Apk

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Rush of Heroes v1.0.1.1 Mod APK

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