Sling Kong v1.0.2 (UNLIMITED MONEY) APK

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Sling Kong v1.0.2 (UNLIMITED MONEY) APK

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Sling, bounce and swing your Kong to glory, but watch out for all manner of dastardly traps and obstacles. Go up, and up, and up until there’s no more up to go, or else meet your hilarious end!

Join Chimp, Pig, Jellyfish and over 35 other crazy and colourful characters as you challenge your friends to become the best Kong Slinger around.

Sling Kong supports the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese.

What's new in this version : 

– Fixed a bug that caused you to get no coins after watching an ad.
– Fire Flowers should now always shoot in the correct direction.
– Fixed several language translations bugs.
– Fixed several multi-touch related bugs.
New Features!
– Big coins! (There are now Big Coins worth 10, that appear more frequently as you get higher.)
– New level layouts (including “Double Stompers” and more).
– Reduced the difficulty of some early level layouts.
– Improved performance on slower devices.

Screenshots :
Sling Kong - screenshotSling Kong - screenshot
Sling Kong - screenshotSling Kong - screenshot


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Sling Kong v1.0.2 (UNLIMITED MONEY) APK

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