Sunburn! v1.2 APK

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Sunburn! v1.2 APK

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◇ Blast through 50+ challenging, gravity-bending levels
◇ Discover a variety of dangerous new planets and obstacles
◇ Use your jetpack to navigate asteroid fields and avoid deadly comets
◇ Unite and ignite 14 cute crew members, each with their own personality
◇ Track achievements and compete with your friends on Google Play
◇ Astronauts, catstronauts, and a dog named Moosetracks

You control the captain of a spaceship that is suddenly struck by a comet and destroyed. With no way to get home, the ship's crew is forced to face reality. They're doomed to die. There's no way out. But no matter what their fate may be, one thing is decided for certain. No one dies alone.

It's your job to navigate through the universe as the captain and reunite your crew. Hop, blast, and drift your way from planet to planet using your trusty jetpack. Reunite the crew, making sure not to run out of oxygen and leave them to drift in the void. Beware of molten planets, speeding comets, and deadly gravity wells. And when everyone in the sector is reunited, make your way to sun.


Sunburn! v1.2 APK By ilmondodeiragazzi


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Sunburn! v1.2 APK


Sunburn! v1.2 APK


Sunburn! v1.2 APK

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Sunburn! v1.2 APK

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