Table Top Racing Premium v1.0.38 APK

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Table Top Racing Premium v1.0.38 APK

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Table Top Racing is the multi-award winning, combat-racer brought to you by the co-creator of Sony's blockbuster PlayStation franchise 'WipEout'. With console-quality graphics and intensifying gameplay, it offers countless hours of fun and a real challenge for players of all skill levels.


Table Top Racing pits all manner of crazy vehicles, battling each other in a world of table-top race tracks and over-sized obstacles. Upgrade your cars in the garage, master both pickup weapons and wheel weapons and explore the circuit limits and discover secret shortcuts!


- Compatible with Android TV
- Optimized for latest devices
- 'Extreme' benchmark option now available


"What's the difference between this and the free version?"


This is also the only version that will be made compatible with the Android TV platform. 
This premium version of Table Top Racing has absolutely no adverts, no coin-grind and no wait timers.
All of the in-game items: cars, wheel weapons, upgrades and paint schemes are all halved in price.

Everything in the game can be won through game play and skill alone. In-App purchases are only there if you want to support further development (thank you to those who have) or as an accelerator to get everything in the game sooner rather than later - they are not needed to complete the game.


Table Top Racing Premium v1.0.38 APK By ilmondodeiragazzi


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Table Top Racing Premium Apk


Table Top Racing Premium Apk


Table Top Racing Premium Apk

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Table Top Racing Premium v1.0.38 APK

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