The Deer God v1.13 APK

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The Deer God v1.13 APK

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The Deer God is a breathtaking 3D pixel art adventure that will challenge your religion and your platforming skills. 
It's a game about survival, reincarnation, and karma; all set in a breathtaking and unique 3D pixelized world. 
Feast your eyes on the beautiful lighting, day and night system, and vast landscapes.

Become one of the most beautiful animals on planet earth.




  • Gorgeous 3d pixel art world to explore 
  • Various animals and characters to interact with 
  • Night and Day system 
  • Various quests 
  • Tons of items to find and use 
  • Reincarnate into other animals 
  • Use the power of statues and level up your antlers 
  • Find secrets and solve ancient puzzles 
  • Follow an interesting and dark storyline 
  • Amazing Original Soundtrack by Evan Gipson.

What's in this version :

  • another fix for black screen launch - got rid of second patch file.

Required Android O/S : 4.0+
Screenshots :

   The Deer God- screenshot     The Deer God- screenshot     The Deer God- screenshot

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The Deer God v1.13 APK

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